Twenty Days

I had family here all last week. It was so amazing to see them and show them around. By playing tour guide, I got to see Oxford in a new light. It really is beautiful here and so peaceful. We spent a lot of time just sat on the porch, watching the world go by. Bliss.

I’ve been planning this year abroad forever. I was looking into universities with American Studies programmes five years ago and now all that research and planning has almost come and gone. Of course, it has not been how I expected it to be. When I was planning it, I imagined myself to be a lot richer than I actually am. I envisioned jetting around a lot more than I realistically could. But, travel wise, I’ve not done too badly. Plus there is a two-week gap before starting my internship when I’ll hopefully potter around and see some sites then.

Originally, I didn’t really care about the classes, I just wanted a year-long holiday. Weirdly enough, I actually love the academic aspect. We have been given huge freedoms to do whatever classes we want, and I love that. I’ve been allowed to take Journalism, English, Fiction Writing, and History classes. I’ve studied what I’ve been interested in. America has such a range of topics to learn about here and the choices seems so crap back home after this.

With only twenty days left in Oxford, I’m going to make the most of it. Lots of time sat in the square, working on my essays and such. I can’t believe how fast the time has gone.

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